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Hannah Hurtzig

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Lives and works in Berlin (Germany)

Hannah Hurtzig founded the Mobile Academy in 2004. She explores the notion of the archive by collecting narratives about places, cities and territories; and composes audiovisual and sound dialogues which she presents in installations dramatically mingling memory, space and rhetoric. Usually collaborative in nature, her projects evolve as she takes them to different venues – which, reciprocally, metamorphose her themes.

Her works have been shown in Berlin, Bern, Riga, Liverpool, Vienna, Hamburg and elsewhere.

With the support of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (Ifa), Stuttgart and of the collaboration to l’Institut Lumière, Lyon.


La vie moderne

Night Lessons 2, Création Biennale 2015

An Ecology of the Dead with Vinciane Despret and Guests

Night Lesson No. 2,
produced by Mobile Academy Berlin
Video loop 47´
One familiar self-characterization and selfcriticism of modernity has always been the claim that our society suppresses death. This stereotype now seems antiquated. Death has always inspired the production of images and texts, but new media have produced an unprecedented visibility of death. Yet, such a mass visibility of the medial dead stands in stark contrast to an individual loss of differentiated experience in dealing with the dead. In her new book, the philosopher Vinciane Despret explores how the dead intervene in the lives of the living and even influence their actions. She observes concrete instances of inventiveness at work in relationships between the dead and the living. She argues against an “unsound milieu” for the dead, as constituted by psychoanalysis, philosophy and other theoretical explanations and obsessions with their clear-cut distinctions between fact and imagination, knowledge and belief, the dead and the living.
(Hannah Hurtzig)
Vinciane Despret is a philosopher of science at the University of Liège and at the Free University of Brussels. Her book “Au bonheur des morts. Récits de ceux qui restent” will be published this autumn (Les empêcheurs de penser en rond / La découverte).

Also at the Galerie photo de l’Institut lumière, 3 rue de l'Arbre Sec, Lyon 1er

Concept: Hannah Hurtzig
Cinematography: Eric Menard
Dinner table: Marijs Boulogne, Bojana Cvejic, Hannah Hurtzig,
Kobe Matthys and Berno Odo Polzer.
Kitchen scene shot in Liège, July 30, 3pm – 7pm. Dinner
scene shot in Brussels July 31, 9pm – 1am.
Special thanks to: Maria Giulia Dondero, Susanne Sachsse,
Kathrin Solhdju and Marianne Buratowsky.

Venues : La Sucrière

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Hannah Hurtzig 2 photos

© Blaise Adilon

Hannah Hurtzig
Night Lessons 2 - Création Biennale 2015
La vie moderne | La Sucrière

© Blaise Adilon

Hannah Hurtzig
Night Lessons 2 - Création Biennale 2015
La vie moderne | La Sucrière