01. Intro




Artistic Director, Thierry Raspail

Coordinator, Nicolas Garait

At a time when conurbation-scale communities and large European regions are on the rise, it make obvious sense to actively, dynamically develop a regional cultural network. Besides the Île-de-France region (including Paris), Rhône-Alpes (soon to be merged with Auvergne region) is probably the French region with the most cultural institutions, art centres and galleries: a vast, dense fabric that supports the Biennale de Lyon. Back in 1985, the “Octobre des Arts” event aimed to bring together the most dynamic players of the region’s cultural scene on one bill – an idea which the Biennale adopted and amplified from 2003 onwards, under the unifying Résonance banner. Every two years, the Biennale de Lyon invites art centres, galleries, cultural institutions and artists’ collectives from Rhône-Alpes to partner with it, through a call for projects. The final choice is up to the Biennale’s artistic director, with no limit on the number of projects. The event’s dual objective is to associate all the essential features of the regional scene with the Biennale’s theme, and offer them greater visibility. No longer just a “fringe” or a mere cultural diary, Résonance has over the years become a truly collective bill able to combine venues that differ greatly (in space, budget, team, etc.), and come from contemporary art but also the fields of literature, dance, theatre and music. The result? An exemplary profusion that is unique in the world of biennales: a line-up of about 30 events in 2003, Résonance had by 2013 grown to exceed 200 exhibitions, performances, concerts, screenings and shows. This vibrant and extensive network is now fully integrated in the Biennale, and is one of its three platforms.
The purpose of Focus, created in 2009 within Résonance, is to foster the emergence of specific projects in close collaboration with various institutions, especially those working with young artists.

The programme is currently being finalised, and will be available from 1 September on the Biennale website and at all participating venues.